Mini Brushless Controller KBS(12V-72V)

  General Brushless Controllers (12V - 144V)

  Ebike Brushless Controller KEB(24V-72V)

  Mini DC Controller KDS(12V-72V)

  DC Series/PM/Sep-Ex Controller KDZ12V-120V)

  High Power Opto-Isolated 4Q PM DC Controller(72V-144V)

    Opto-Isolated DC Controller KDH(72V-156V)

  4Q PM DC Controller(12V-120V)

  AC Induction Motor Controller KIM(24V-72V)

  SVPWM Induction Motor and Controller KACI(48V-72V)

  Sensorless BLDC Controller KSL(12V-120V)

  Opto-Isolated Sep-Ex Controller with Regen HSE(72V-144V)






  DC/DC Converter





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About Us

   Kelly is the world's leading manufacturer of DC brushless or brushed motor controller and AC induction motor controller. The company's products and services are designed to lead to a clean world, benefit people and improve their life. At the same time Kelly creates value through innovation, growth and high quality.

   Kelly products are sold in 500+ locations in 81 countries across the world.Kelly customers have placed their trust in our products by applying them in a wide range of applications since 2007.You can find Kelly controllers in electric boats, electric gliders, electric vehicles and so on.Moreover we can provide most of the components or a kit for EV projects.

   Kelly's global headquarter is located in Chicago, USA.Production and assemblies are completed in Hefei,AnHui Province,China. Most of the products will be shipped from the factory in China.

   Kelly provide high efficient, high power brushed motor controllers and brushless motor controllers for electric vehicle applications,such as golf carts,electric motorcycle,electric boats,fork lifts,sweepers,trailers,pick-up trucks,tractors,formula cars,automobile carriers and industry motor speed control, including series, shunt and PM motor controllers: 12V to 156V, up to 1500A. All motor controllers use high power MOSFET, fast PWM to achieve efficiency 99% in most cases. Powerful microprocessor brings in comprehensive and precise control to the motor controllers. They also allow users to set parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.

Our products were engineered in United States. We provide most advanced technologies and best price.

US Office: In California

: (001) 224 637 5092

China Office:

:Tel(+86)551-64397760 (+86) 13956008360




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All Kelly Controller products:
One month refund, one year warranty.